Julius Nick


Hi, I’m Julius. I am a software engineer and guitarist based in Germany. My passion for building things has brought me to software engineering through data science, an interesting domain where a diverse set of skills is quite useful. I enjoy building physical things just as much as working with 1’s and 0’s. From woodworking to analog circuits, my projects are often things that have a practical use. Quite often they are related to either electronics, music or both. I’m also a member of the alternative funk rock trio The Brothers Cup.

This site was built using Jekyll. It does the job of building a static website while allowing one to automate the build process and manage content efficiently, rather than wrangling with a lot of HTML. This is particularly useful when creating new content regularly and when making modifications to recurring elements. At the same time, you stay in full control of the build and deployment process. I found the Step by Step Tutorial to be a good starting point.